Paula is a full-time Licensed Assistant & Buyer/Tenant Agent - REALTOR® who has extensive experience in customer service and caregiving.

With more than 15 years of working in the Houston and surrounding areas in several customer service positions, you'll find her currently managing her husband's oilfield trucking company and being the full-time caregiver for many in her life and supporting her group lead agent Paula Wehring.

Paula still has a passion for being the absolute best at any task that is given her, MOST importantly, she's always doing it with a smile. She stays up to date on current market trends and technology. This is accomplished by being a part of an amazing Brokerage and Real Estate Group.

Paula's family have consistently sought her advice and trusted her judgment on all aspects of life, she is very detailed oriented and will make sure the task at hand will get accomplished.

Paula lives and works in Magnolia, Texas. She has a son 15-years old, and a daughter that is 27, and has been married to the love her life for 25 years. She loves spending time with her four grandchildren. During off time, she and her husband enjoy watching their son do motocross and other adventurous activities. She enjoys cooking, crafts, family cookouts, and being her son's homeschool teacher. Paula enjoys spending time with her second love of her life Cash, her Silver Lab.